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sapphire-connect, Issue #003 discovering a bigger view of GOD
July 01, 2015

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

Earlier this month I found myself in the heart of the Blue Mountains on a woman's retreat. Well actually it was facilitated by a man. Does that count? It was another expression of God's creation away from my beloved ocean. A line from a song came to mind for here in the mountains my heart felt like this;

Go up to a high mountain

Lift up your voice with strength

Saying, See Your God, behold He comes with power!...selah

Now...on to the newsletter.

in this issue:

• free audio

• ministry partners wanted

• upcoming events

• visitor's entry

Free Audio

Celebrating our Spiritual Heritage - Germany and Austria

•The Spiritual DNA of Nations

•The Spiritual Design of Germany

•The Spiritual Design of Austria - coming soon.

•Spiritual Strategy for Germany - coming soon.

•Spiritual Strategy for Austria - coming soon.

•Anticipating the Counterattack here is the link for the download


The Conference "Celebrating the Spiritual Heritage of our Nations Germany/Austria" with Arthur Burk was last weekend and a huge blessing. I've got a whole new way of looking at Germany and Austria. God has made our Nations so special and unique. A question that I was also very touched by, "Are you a consumer or someone who builds?" It applies to everyone, not just the Austrians and Germans.

Ministry Partners Wanted

Lois the Valiant has gone where no one has been willing to go before, which is to create a community bulletin board, Ministry Partners Wanted, where people can go to find someone to do ministry for them.

This is based on Use-At-Your-Own-Risk. These are not people I have trained nor she has vetted them.

And, like a bank, if everyone is needy and no one is willing to give, it will be fairly useless.

I have posted a couple of samples to help you get started.

click here to read more

Feedback: I would like to give you some positive feedback regarding this post. I contacted 'SG' because I felt I could do with his "I have", namely "I have stored up in me a few VERY intense blessings for a giver person/portion, using slightly different language that will most likely land in a very different place."

He then suggested that we meet up on the morning of Arthur Burke's brain deliverance seminar, since we were both going, and both living in Pretoria. It was indeed a very precious blessing that he bestowed upon me, and has had a lot of effect in my life already!

At the seminar, he sat next to 'MC' and the three of us has formed a group. We try to get together on a weekly basis and we are working on our Spirits. Thank you for this initiative, otherwise I would have missed these two precious people in my life. Thank you so much Lois

Santie Kruger Engelbrecht

TO POST YOUR OWN, please reply to this email. I will put it in the next newsletter and on my face book wall.

Upcoming Events

JUNE 2015

June 19-21: Celebrating our Spiritual Heritage Location: Baptist Church Freilassing, Germany


August 8: Discernment and Deliverance Location: Lewende Woord Brummeria, Pretoria South Africa

September 2015

September 2-3: SRA/DID: Repairing the Soul Location: Austria Trend Hotel, Austria

September 5: Growing in Authority Location: Austria Trend Hotel, Austria

September 9: Unlocking Scripture Location: School of Healing, Switzerland

September 12: Roadmap to Maturity Location: School of Healing, Switzerland


November 28: Walking in Legitimacy Location: Vodacom World - Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

click here for more information and to register

Father's Affirmation by Able Wong. Sydney, NSW, Australia

(name)I call your spirit to attention in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Listen with your spirit to God’s Word for you:

“You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased."( Luke 3:21,22)

(name) I bless your spirit with hearing these words of affirmation from your True Father. You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.

Spirit, I bless you with deep heart identity that you ARE the beloved son of Father God and just as Jesus is in you & you are in Jesus, you’d hear this affirmation from Father God direct to your spirit as it went direct to Jesus’ spirit!

The Father publicly affirmed Jesus at His baptism. This was before Jesus had started His ministry, before He’d done anything to earn His Father's approval, before He’d taught a sermon, or performed a miracle.

(name)I bless your spirit with knowing deep in your spirit your True identity, given by your Father.

This word ‘know’ was first used in the Bible when Adam knew Eve and she conceived and gave birth to a son. Now, that’s real knowing!

I bless you to know your identity in this deep, intimate heart level, not just in your head, but deep in your heart, knowing your Father approves of you & affirms you, simply for who you are as His beloved son, not because of anything you do or for your performance!

I bless you spirit with living in the glorious unpressured freedom of knowing there’s nothing you need to do for Father to love you – all you need to “do” is be who He says you already. You are His beloved son, so just be loved by Him as His beloved!

I bless your spirit with finding your security in your being Father's beloved son, and I bless your spirit with having all your significance & self worth wrapped up in your forever being His beloved son!

I bless you in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth.

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