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sapphire-connect, Issue #002 discovering a bigger view of GOD
June 17, 2015

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

I celebrated yet another birthday week. Yup, you heard me right. I got the idea as an American living 'down under'. My birthday being a day earlier here I thought, why not stretch it to a whole week. So that's what I do. I take out various people sprinkled out during the week to help me celebrate!!

Now...on to the newsletter.

in this issue:

• new releases and upcoming events

• product review: a hard life

• football or bowling

• visitor's entry

A Glass Ceiling

Sapphire Austria has released another product: A Glass Ceiling.

There are three basic demonic strategies to block us from soaring in our Christian walk. This album gives you tools to combat them.

We are commanded to work out our salvation. This presupposes that it takes a lot of effort. However, there should be very significant fruit from that effort: measurable, verifiable, sustained change in your life.

If you are investing significantly but are relentlessly capped in your growth, it is possible that one of the three main demonic strategies is being effective against you.

The spirit of jealousy is designed to devour the resources God the Father gives us through our design as well as throughout our life. He intended us to be well resourced for life.

The victim spirit creates a twisted mindset that invites predators to make us powerless. This is the opposite of Jesus Christ’s gift to us of dominion. Christ’s intent is that resources from the Father would provide the capital for us to produce Kingdom projects.

The mesmerizing spirit makes good people look bad and bad people look good, thereby robbing the righteous of the honor that they deserve in the community. The plan was for the effective implementation of Kingdom strategies to bring us honor.

This teaching provides diagnosis and strategies for dealing with these three strongholds. There is some deliverance prayer modeled as well.

here is the link for the download


I was not at the seminar, but did the editing. It is an amazing teaching, looking at those demonic strategies, how to recognize them, but then, what I so like is, that you give tools of what to do. I really enjoyed your illustration with "The Duke of Little" - and it is so true! Thank you Arthur, for sharing those treasures with us, which help to come more and more into freedom.

IPODD- In Pursuit of Divine Design

Want to change the world, but feel all alone?

Conferences for Christian social entrepreneurs are scarce. I only know of four in the past. Here is a new opportunity for you to gather with like minded people from around the world.

Who Should Attend? Are you …

… an aspiring entrepreneur?

… wishing to convert your workplace into a place of purpose?

… working with people?

… desiring to put purpose into practise?

… a new graduate?

… newly married?

… looking to start a new career?

… a social entrepreneur?

… a change agent?

… unsure of your own design?

This conference is not a talk shop!! It is to equip you in the journey you are already on or to launch you into action!

for more info click here

Upcoming Events

JUNE 2015

June 19-21: Celebrating our Spiritual Heritage Location: Baptist Church Freilassing, Germany AUGUST 2015

August 8: Discernment and Deliverance Location: Lewende Woord Brummeria, Pretoria South Africa

September 2015

September 2-3: SRA/DID: Repairing the Soul Location: Austria Trend Hotel, Austria

September 5: Growing in Authority Location: Austria Trend Hotel, Austria

September 9: Unlocking Scripture Location: School of Healing, Switzerland

September 12: Roadmap to Maturity Location: School of Healing, Switzerland


November 28: Walking in Legitimacy Location: Vodacom World - Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

click here for more information and to register

A Hard Life

I was ecstatic. Someone had actually purchased the album "A Hard Life".

It is not one of our best sellers. With a title like that one could imagine why. Our theology of suffering is a tad understated but is standard fare in the Bible. So many of God's heroes we read about had, well, a very hard life.

I was so thankful to get my hands on this teaching. To experience the journey of exploring God’s heart through the lives of his people. Unfortunately, the unpacking of the treasures he has placed in each of us IS a painful process.

Instead of fighting an already painful journey we are given the choice to lean into what God is doing in our lives thus making what we are experiencing more bearable.

Come, listen to the stories of Moses, Eliakim, Elisha and more.

You will discover here six different flavors of pain that God ordains in our lives and the fruit it produces.

These areas cover •the cost of social status •the cost of obedience •the cost of leadership •the cost of ministry •the cost of greatness •the cost of legacy

In a way, this album is a follow up to "Fractal of Two: Adrenals & Kidneys."

The discussion there camped on the critical skill of reframing the pain in our lives around the covenants of God. "A Hard Life" gives some hands on tools for differentiating between the destructive pain the devil brings and the productive pain from the hand of God.

If you are looking to hone your fathering skills, this will be an excellent tool.

excerpt from the teaching, a hard life

Football or Bowling- How do you view life?

Analogies are always helpful when trying to get more clarity on a thing. How’s this one.

Do you embrace life like a game of football or bowling?

In the game of bowling, the objective is to throw a strike. In this game, there is nothing you can do to retrieve lost points. Nothing you can ever do to make up for a mistake you made in a previous frame.

It’s a game that is absolutely devoid of redemption if you will. A mindset that thinks, ‘If I don’t get this one play right...’ Not much of a redemption story there either.

Ahhh, but the game of football is a game of a different color. A game to redeem endless mistakes because with every play there is always a possibility to win. As long as there is still time on the clock you can redeem and even win with by just one point. The clock, my friend, is still ticking.

Question for you.

What areas of your life do you play football? What area of your life do you play like you’re bowling?

I have to admit there is a part of me that loves to get it right first time, to hit the mark first go. Like David with a giant in his face, there are those moments when we have only one shot to sling but that should not characterize our daily walk.

It has at times crippled me. It’s not exactly the fear of getting it wrong as much as the desire to get it right. I don’t like to miss it. But let’s face it fans, we are all every now and again going to miss it.


If you like myself have been a bowler for most of life and want to change that may I make a suggestion.

read more here...

The Miracle of Community

I bless Sapphire Connection with experiencing God weaving together a community like He did for Naomi.

When she returned to Bethlehem, she had nothing but memories. Even the capacity to dream was gone.

Yet God leveraged a simple thing of Ruth's character and her loyalty to her mother-in-law. Apparently the village gossip spread the word early and often that Ruth was good people because Boaz' foreman already knew that when Boaz came.

From there, God arranged for Ruth to glean in the right field, to start a chain of events that built a community for Naomi far beyond anything should could have dreamed.

May God bless this site in the same way, with many small things leveraging many wonderful blessings of community.

Arthur Burk

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