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On  July 10th, 2019, SLG Australia closed for business. This marked the end of my season as the distributor for Sapphire Leadership Group. One reason for this departure was the 'downloads only' movement that SLG will be moving toward in 2020.

The following albums and books left in stock are listed below. There is free shipping on all products. Contact me for pricing and payment.

building a growth project

You are a unique person with a unique journey. This album helps you weave together the strategic principles to unleash your calling with power.

Ever been to the conference, heard the inspirational speaker, made deep, wholehearted commitments to change, came home and faded in three weeks? Then lived in guilty for having failed to change?

Me too. How do you think I know this stuff?

I have learned over the years that I usually violated my design badly when I was trying to fix my character. My design pushed back so hard, I dropped the character or principle project.

Over time, I learned to understand how I was designed to heal. When I could harness my own healing and growth dynamics, and focus them on character project, I could stay on task for months, instead of days.

This is not a quick fix for anything. It will still require self-discipline over time. But with these tools, it will be doable for most, rather than being an exercise in futility.

This album was released in 2015.

                       fractal of two: adrenals and kidneys

The adrenals and kidneys are spiritually dynamic parts of your physical body. Their spiritual vitality will determine not only their physical well being but that of other body systems as well. This album explores the fractal of two through the grid of the adrenals and kidneys, then presents a significant series of blessings for them.

The concept of the heart as a spiritual organ is quite well established in Western theology. The Bible, however, includes the adrenals and kidneys as playing a strategic role in the spiritual climate of a person.

The kidneys think and the thoughts of the adrenals and kidneys are so significant that God specifically judges them for how righteously or unrighteously they think. Their contribution to the spiritual condition of the spirit and body is immense.

They are also the seat of a wide range of emotions, from fear to sorrow to joy. And those emotions seem to be more spiritual than merely soulish.

This album explores the fractal of two through the grid of the adrenals and kidneys, then presents a significant series of blessings for them.

So far, we have not found any portion of the body that is as spiritually responsive as the adrenals and kidneys. The speed with which the body goes into detox when they are addressed is remarkable. And when the detox is over, the breadth of positive results in the body is also remarkable.

This album was released in 2013.

alive with passion and purpose

The best way to learn the redemptive gifts is through seeing them in action. This book profiles 21 people who lived out their redemptive gift dramatically. As you read their stories, you will recognize many of your friends through the way these people responded to the circumstances around them.

fighting futility

This is the first of our series of products to fight suicide.  It is focused on the principle of fulfillment vs. futility.  There are warfare prayers and blessings. But this is not only for those struggling with suicide. A vast number of people bump up against futility on a daily basis. These prayers and blessings will benefit anyone who is stuck in the place of futility.

The drive to commit suicide is a complex dynamic. There are external pressures. There are wounds in the soul and spirit that make those pressures more intense. And there is the demonic presence, seeking to push one over the edge.

This album is designed to focus on the spiritual realm. It was recorded in a Mercy city in a Mercy nation where the stronghold that drives suicide is futility. Fulfillment is the seventh of the principles and it holds the key to the Mercy gift.

The first three CDs are aggressive warfare prayers against the demonic structures of futility. The next three are blessings of fulfillment to help you gain traction in life.

We understand that this strategy alone will not fully resolve the battle anyone is having with suicide, but we believe it will be a useful tool in helping calm the storm until root causes can be addressed.

But this is not only for those struggling with suicide. We are in the Mercy season of history, and a vast number of people bump up against futility on a daily basis. These prayers and blessings will benefit anyone who is stuck in the place of futility.

This album was released in 2015.

high impact christians

Are you working hard in the Kingdom of God with little results?  You may be inhibited by the Ishmaelite apostolic.  Learn how to be free from this bondage.

Success has been studied relentlessly over the centuries with sundry ideas put forward as to what the “essential” components are for success in various cultures.

This album addresses the age old question through the grid of the Kingdom of Heaven. We start with the presupposition that we will be aliens in the cultures of the earth and therefore most of the parameters for success by the standards of this culture will not apply.

This model of the Christian as an outsider, battling the culture, has been well explored and articulated. Sadly, more Christians are consumed by the battle or compromised by the culture than transform the culture.

Arthur presents some different ideas for how a Noble Subject of the Great King can be a dynamic force in this world. Some of this is a reflection of the different strategies needed in the Mercy season.  Some is the result of his being a strategist by design.

You can be assured that this album is not more of the same old, same old.

office of personhood

The marketplace often makes you a commodity, not a person, through the hiring process.   You are hired because your skill set could bring value to the company. And when you cease to bring value, you are discarded.

This is called commoditization.

But it begins long before the marketplace. Usually by the end of your fifth year of life, you are fairly well established as a person or as a commodity. Your role in the community of the birth family is established casually through a hundred thousand small interactions.

Ironically, the “better” you are, the more value you bring to the community, the more apt you are to become a commodity.   The cute little girl becomes a showpiece for the family, bringing honor to the family in the eyes of the community. The precocious child who can read before going to kindergarten also becomes a commodity.

When a child is commoditized, instead of being placed in the office of personhood, it will cripple their ability to enter the next three sequential offices – son/daughter, man/woman, husband/wife.

While the problem is widespread and the consequences profound, it is quite possible to heal this problem in adulthood.

This album does a thorough diagnosis of the problem and provides an equally thorough game plan for you to enter each of the designated offices.

perspective and principles

Historically some of the best content in Arthur’s seminars comes from the question and answer sessions. Unusual questions arise and God gives rich insights into the actual need of the hour.

That led us to try this approach for an entire day. People gathered and brought their own real life Kingdom issues.

Arthur passed on some questions where he has no insight, answered others lightly, and dove in deeply for many.

The issues explored ranged from IVF, to childbirth, to the generations, to weather, to dissociation, to curses on birthrights, to hidden covenants, to sexism in the church.

This is a teaching for anyone who is in the trenches, with dirt under their fingernails, doing the work of the Kingdom. All answers were given with an eye to implementation. There is nothing theoretical about this teaching!

This album was released in 2017.

where the living treasure lies

The Mercy gift is a Mac in a PC world with a deep need to fit in.  The result is a lot of pain, frustration, and lack of fulfillment.  Many Mercys decide they are done with pain, and they are going to carve out a comfortable spot in life and stay there.  But the answer isn't to avoid pain.  The answer is to embrace the right kind of pain.

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