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These SLG podcasts are absolutely fresh manna!

Being around SLG is sometimes like drinking from a fire hose. The intention of the podcasts is not a comprehensive teaching on any one topic. Rather, the expectation is that you are familiar with the full-bodied stream of teachings. The Podcasts will differ in that you get a single, clear, 15-minute teaching weekly as a stand-alone concept that you can then ponder, absorb and implement in your own playing field. Focusing on niche insights coming from Arthur’s think tank, almost everything in the podcasts should be new to everyone subscribing.

You get a choice to pay for six or twelve months from the date of your subscribing. Every week, on the same day, a new ten to fifteen-minute audio file is sent to your designated email address. You can listen to them as streaming audio from any device. You cannot download them, but you can relisten to them as many times as you want once you've subscribed.

Finally, you can add to your subscription at any time any of the previous clips for $2 apiece.

SLG does podcasts

There are three themes to choose from.

• Bible Study Methods: Mining the treasures in Scripture is an art form that needs to be customized to each person. This podcast helps you discover the kinds of tools that work for you, and hone them to find the truths you need.

• Healing Tools: In the series, we have six themes that we visit: deliverance, alien human spirits, SRA/DID, spirit, soul, body. Each clip will take one concept out of the bigger picture. We are in a season of immense revelation about healing spirit, soul and body. This podcast will give you access to very new tools every week. These are insights that vastly speed up the healing journey.

• Life After Church: God is doing a new thing with millions of builders in isolated assignments. This podcast will give you better perspective on where God is taking the larger movement. This is an exciting season.

Enjoy a free clip of the latest episode of Healing Tools.

Here is a free clip from the first episode in Life after Church.

Know someone who loves the Book? Free clip from first episode of the Bible Study Podcast.

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