the God who takes my breath away 

Once upon a time there was a god who took my breath away. This god was known to take my breath away in a panic, time after time as I realized the set ups he creates, the damage he does, the messes he makes that we now inherit.

The covenants he forms the lies he sows, the web he weaves, the darkness he shrouds us in.

The labels he gives, the devices he uses, the breach he opens, the innocence he takes, the boundaries he tramples. 

This is the power of the other side.

 but it doesn't end there 

Today, I celebrate the power of the God who takes my breath away in his ocean madness, with the immensity of his presence there. The sea and all it contains, the wind and waves in compliance to him.

The storm clouds or no clouds, the rhythm of water as he orchestrates the tides. The hidden treasure underwater as I swim.


Restoring joy where there was none. Replacing lies with the truth of his word. Truth that packs a punch, 'this too will yield.'

Tears spilling over because of how he loves me in spite of it all. His invitation to banquets as he prepares a table in the presence of my enemies. Glimpses of glory in the here and now of what's to come- a family reunion. All is not lost.

He chose me! I belong to you! You who are immovable, unshakable, a force to be reckoned with. My defender, deliverer, my advocate. I realize now what I always wanted you are giving me and more. My solid ground, and the source of my confidence you are.

Allowing me to find my voice, my inner strength to proclaim the wonderful acts that you have done. Sharing with the next generation to come, your power.

because what once was, does not always have to be, because the truth is, it won't always be this way and what is still dark will one day yield. because there is nothing and I mean mothing that has happened to you that can't be dealt with by the wisdom of God, by the power of God. 

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