We end this teaching on Dominion, with a final verse about testing.

Psalm 7:9 Bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure-- you, the righteous God who probes minds and hearts.

It is a heart cry of humanity to be secure and it is that pursuit of security that takes us far from God. Yet it is in that place of walking with God, allowing him to test, purge and refine us that we find the ultimate security.

There is an extraordinary amount of people leaving church each year. The majority are the cream of the crop, deeply invested in kingdom work. It is quite traumatic at first as the questions fly as to what is wrong with me. There is no peace or rest, no permission for them to thrive. With much grief, confusion and a bad frame around the problem, they leave the institutional church and go through a predictable process.

After dealing with accusations and guilt is resolved, the next season is a sense of loss and grief at missing the corporate worship experience. Horrified at how less they fit in now than two years ago and realising this door is now closed as they no longer fit into this package.

They come to see that life has to flow from them. These people in time become Sergeants, leaders of small groups with no leadership titles with no offerings and tithes or regular meetings. They are recognised by others following them. 

Released from corporate legitimacy, they begin to be life-giving in a spontaneous manner being directed by the King. These are tested, purged individuals on deep issues that others have not been challenged by and are a treasure in the hand of God.

These Sergeants, are men and women of God, stepping into their own design, not the one placed on them, doing kingdom work without authority structures. These individuals can hear from God and execute his will. 

These will be the leaders, knowing they are sent by God to nurture the next of move of God to a level of maturity. At that time, there will be no grieving over the price, only the ability to embrace the bigness of what God has called them to. The suffering of years of preparation will be as nothing compared to the glory of God that will brood upon them. 

These individuals will also have the authority to speak judgement, bringing an end to the violence of the wicked because of the cleaning of spirit, soul, body, adrenals and kidneys.

a blessing for dominion

The final exhortation to you spirit, adrenal and kidneys is to ponder deeply the joy set before you. The immensity of what God will do with the purging which is not irrelevant. Adrenals and kidneys, frame that pain around the joy set before you asking, ‘Will you be a part of the restoration and rebuilding, establishing of right structures after unrighteous ones are torn down?’

Significant seriously painful purging and testing is the prerequisite because it is not about your pain but the kingdom plan and the covenant with the body of Christ at large. He is raising up a catalytic group that will build after judgement.

I bless you with keeping your eyes fixed the right frame of the glory set before you. I bless you in the name of our great King.

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