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my secret place

my secret place

i did not know that my spirit resonated to the ocean and would find massive healing there until i moved to Australia!

'every day brings me one step closer to your immensity, your majesty. for it is here that i lose myself in your wild and crazy love of me. you have captured me in a frenzy of sheer passionate delight through your playfulness and the power of ocean waves washing over me. and it is here that i come and i stand before you captivated by your glory. we have been meeting like this for years now and i cannot imagine a day without my secret place. i have whispered a prayer that goes like this, ' please, let me grow old here for this is where i belong.'

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Mar 03, 2017
exploring your design
by: potpourrilife@warriewood

so happy you've discovered that... I'm enjoying your joy!!!
I listened to office of personhood a couple of years ago... made copious notes, and remember well the empty space I found when I tried to figure out what exactly brought me joy, what was my favourite play as a child? being the 10th child in a family of 12 I don't recall much play or favourite toys. Acute poverty and many mouths to feed meant days were filled with chores ... and I could go on and on about the lack, but I don't want to get too maudlin here. Instead, I'm re-listening to O. of P. and drilling down again, waiting for Father to reveal those things He put in me, looking at my past notes and finding 18 months later I'm able to add a few more things to what I enjoy.. It's a very roller-coaster process, days of very low mood when the memories of hardship wash over me, but then trying to pick myself up again because I KNOW there is good stuff in there, so I just try and latch onto a microscopic hint of excitement in what my design will eventually look like

Mar 03, 2017
thank you
by: lois

i had no recollection of loving water in any sense growing up so this was new for me.

I understand about the lack and the years of hurt and hardship that were sorely missed. and i know God wants to validate that pain. it wasn't right that his children should suffer in this way.

i also know he is the author of compensation, restoring the years.. beauty for ashes. surely goodness and loving kindness shall follow you all the days of your life. and it does because he does.

unpacking treasure will always involve removing toxic waste. and looking at the waste we must do. just not get stuck there.

we celebrate what he put there and come into agreement that it is good. that is a good first step. may we receive a new grid, the original design. because his heart toward us is always good.

i appreciate your sharing this.

Mar 08, 2017
Healing Waters
by: Shazzzzzzz

I love the way you share so deeply with your words Lois. They come from such a love of our Father and healing as we read.

Growing up in my younger years, we lived half an hour to an hour drive from the beach but we would have days trips to the beach. And oh how I loved it. I believe if I had the courage as a teen, would of learnt to surf. Still think about it but not sure. And oh, i live near the sea, actual only a street away now.

I have a feeling in a few years God might be moving me away from the sea and I am finding myself saying to Him, how about some water near by, where i move. A nice waterfall would be lovely.

Yes, I believe the ocean is very healing and believe it would be good for nursing homes to be built overlooking the ocean, so the elderly can connect with their creator. I know when I get older i want to be able to sit in my rocking chair overlooking the ocean.

I am so thankful to our God who heals and so much want that for everyone.and so know that He can do so.

Mar 09, 2017
by: Denise

I love enjoying you enjoying your joy!

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