a BIGGER view in community 

Community is a beautiful thing. It can also be very painful. 

We are all in need of some refreshment wherever we are on our journey. The weak and the strong need each other. Together we are a beautiful mix. 

We all go through life facing hardships. We have faced them before; we will face them again. Challenges of proportionate measures await all of us. Some of us handle these situations better than others. Some of us need better models, better mirrors to show us a better way. The weak and the strong DO need each other.

What freedom there is in admitting that we just don't have our act altogether. True acceptance is when we really start to live. However, a life of resignation without continual healing and growth, is allowing our past to define our future. There is a better way. 

 what is the better way? 

That is what we are here to explore. It is exactly where you come in.

We all need a much bigger brain than the one. Much more perspective than I have, that's for sure. We need each other's help, support and encouragement. Acceptance and belonging can sometimes feel distant and loneliness and isolation keep us living on the fringe.

What are the stories we tell ourselves? Might we need another narrative or a larger perspective than the one we now have?

I am rolling out the welcome mat for you to come as you are. Bring with you a corner of your world and we can hang out and discover a much bigger view in community. I hope we can be friends.

 a bigger view of God in community is our starting place 

From His very essence we can 

  • DISCOVER what brings us joy and how to build joy capacity. Joy is contagious. We want others to catch the bug too!
  • PRACTICE self care as a key component to our healing. Not a pit stop but a lifestyle. 
  • EXPLORE nature and its ability to make us whole. 
  • SHARE our lives, both the light and dark shadows without judgement, knowing we are not alone in our pain. 

Together we can glean from each other’s journey by witnessing where we have been, where we are going and what we have learned along the way. This place will certainly be different because you are here. 

So have a look around. This is still an emerging website as I am trying to find my footing after a long stint in the wilderness. Thanks for stopping by. Please come again. 

ways to connect

join the sapphire community

"O afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, Behold, I will set your stones in antimony, And your foundations I will lay in sapphires. Isaiah 54:11

the sapphire stone was the second stone of the high priest's breastplate and had engraved upon it the name Simeon- 'he who hears'. 

thus the sapphire connection

                       discovering a much BIGGER view in a supportive community